Dashing through the … stores?

With holiday shopping in full swing, November shopper penetration was positive with nine of the 16 channels tracked reaping significant shopper penetration gains (indices ≥ 103). With retailers vying to be the new toy destination during the holiday season, two of those emerging players (Best Buy and Home Depot) were unable to gain in shopper penetration for November. Continue monitoring Kantar Consulting’s toy tracker to see if these retailers beat out the incumbents as the new toy destination.

HBC and Grocery Spending: Walmart’s share of preference domination continues; Sephora suffers at the expense of Ulta

Walmart’s lead in health and beauty care continued, with a third of all shoppers indicating spending the most on the category at the retailer, while supermarkets and Target placed second and third, respectively. Sephora and Ulta experienced a capture rate dip, with Walmart being the source of the disruption. Walmart’s leadership carried into food and grocery, with a quarter of all shoppers noting spending the most on the category at the retailer. As with reported health and beauty care spending, several retailers witnessed a slip in capture rate due to Walmart picking up shoppers.

Retail spending intentions: Steadiness across shopper cohorts continues

The spending intentions landscape remains relatively unchanged. Nearly all cohorts saw an uptick in intentions to spend more in November with the exception of Younger Have-Nots, which witnessed a minor decrease.

Monthly Content Updates

Holiday 2018 shopper preview
Shoppers entered the 2018 holiday shopping season with a “maintain” spending mindset, but will encounter higher prices due to inflation that are likely to spur more deal-seeking. Online in general, and Amazon in particular, will gain more holiday shoppers this season.

Shopper playbook: Generations

Core shopper requirements across generational segments are often more similar than dissimilar. However, nuances in expectations suggest distinct opportunities for meaningful shopper engagement for each generation.

Amazon vs. Walmart 2.0: The race to serve all shopper lifestyle needs

Amazon’s evolving online experience and its differentiated approach to physical retailing are part of the retailer’s efforts to broaden category and shopper reach. But the largest traditional big-box retailer (Walmart) is investing and partnering to compete.

Reimagining shopper ROI

We have traditionally based our understanding of what shoppers get out of a shopping interaction — and how they decide where and how to shop — on the assumption that they make trade-offs to maximize whatever factor is most important to them when shopping. But that return on investment calculation is less straightforward as shoppers are increasingly unwilling to make trade-offs

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