Expand eCommerce opportunities by developing successful multichannel digital retail strategies aligned to shoppers' changing paths to purchase.
  • Amazon Prime Day 2019: What you need to know
    Kantar brings you expert insights into Amazon’s two-day global shopping event.
  • Understanding the Kroger shopper as a digital shopper
    Discover how Kroger shoppers use apps and their smartphones as a part of shopping. Explore who the Kroger online grocery shopper is. Understand ...
  • Seen in Shanghai: Driving omnichannel connections at retail
    As the path to purchase becomes increasingly complex in China, retailers are ultimately looking to connect with shoppers both online and offline.
  • Mastering eCommerce Fundamentals: Elevating enhanced content
    Mastering eCommerce Fundamentals is a monthly series that provides tactics that can immediately and positively impact your eCommerce execution. ...
  • Amazon Annual Shopper Review
    This annual review answers key questions about Amazon's shoppers.
  • Amazon 2020: Exceeding expectations with a winning plan
    Review Amazon’s core pillars and strategies to capitalize on growth. Evaluate the evolution of Amazon’s approach to omnichannel. Take a case study ...

Identify and leverage emerging trends in digital retail, technology, supply chain, and marketing to grow eCommerce and better target shoppers across multiple channels.

Interactive Chart: Amazon and Prime Penetration

Amazon's rise as a retail force has been swift and steady. To better understand the growing reach of Amazon among shoppers, use this interactive graphic to see the multi-year trend in shopping Amazon.com and Prime membership.
Line: Percent of U.S. Households Shopped Amazon.com during Past Four Weeks
Bars: Percent of U.S. Households with Amazon Prime Membership*

Understanding Pure Play Retailers

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Prime Day 2019 did not disappoint. There were high profile launches, experiential promotions, and key connections across the Amazon ecosystem. The event was a win for Amazon – with revenue surpassing $5 billion in one day – but they weren’t the only winners. Retailers across ...

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Last week, Amazon kicked off Prime Day 2019 with a livestreamed concert headlined by Taylor Swift, following in the footsteps of Alibaba’s Singles Day (Figure 1). In doing so, Amazon set the stage for its fifth annual event, one clearly focused on blending shopping and entertainment in ...

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Amazon Prime Day 2019: International Preview

15 Jul 2019

By: Harriet Leach, Meaghan Werle.  12 Slides

With Prime Day looming on 15/16 July, Kantar looks across Amazon's key international markets, identifying new trends and initiatives designed to heighten awareness and boost shopper take-up of its core subscription offer.

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Amazon’s self-created discount frenzy, Prime Day, is much-hyped every year, even though it is, essentially, just a sale. It has reinvented the sales calendar, igniting what is otherwise a torrid time of year for retail through artificial demand, forcing others to get in on the act for ...

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Amazon officially announced July 15-16 as the dates for this year’s Prime Day event. Here is what you can expect. In a recent survey run in collaboration with Profitero, we found that more Prime members expect to shop Amazon on Prime Day than last year (Figure 1). Of those who plan to ...

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The Shoppers' Evolving Path to Purchase

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Five things you need to know about Amazon Prime Day

15 Jul 2019

By: Kantar Worldpanel.  14 Slides

As Prime Day 2019 gets underway, Kantar Worldpanel shares exclusive survey data and analysis of how UK online shoppers are preparing for this year’s event and how Amazon is driving awareness and spend around the event itself.

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The fundamentals of online search

4 Jul 2019

By: Clara Elbaz.  14 Slides

Understanding what drives visibility and conversion on online platforms is essential for any brand’s eCommerce growth. This primer details the key elements that underpin an effective online sales strategy, with crucial learnings for anyone looking to build their business through digital engagement.

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Alibaba has taken another giant leap forward towards its ambition of becoming the world’s fifth-largest economy by 2023, becoming a truly global titan of commerce. A crucial element of realising this is attracting more global brands, large and small, to its platform. This has just become ...


Klarna: Revolutionising Buy Now, Pay Later

13 Jun 2019

  By: Anusha Couttigane

Swedish payments provider Klarna is addressing emerging shopper needs with its innovative payment systems. As it comes to London to showcase its technology and how it works with retailers, Kantar examines how changing consumer finance trends may mean this is a solution set to scale fast.

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Online Retail Country Profile: United Kingdom

5 Jun 2019

By: Kelly Petropoulou.  13 Slides

Leveraging data from Kantar’s 2018 Digital CommerceScope, this report details behaviours and trends in the UK online space across different fulfilment methods, category groups, devices and top retailers online.

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Developing Multichannel Strategies

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Kantar Worldpanel, the global market leader in consumer panels, reports that the total spending of the fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) grew by 6.9% in the 12 weeks to 14 June, compared to the same period last year. Stronger growth in Q2 is thanks partly to the 18-day-long online discount ...


Intermediaries will shape O2O evolution in Europe and beyond

23 Jul 2019

  By: Howard Lake

As Carrefour signs a major deal with on-demand specialist Glovo, Kantar examines how ultra-fast fulfilment will reshape brand visibility and supply requirements with the leading European accounts as they look to expand their online-to-offline capabilities.

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Retailing in the Week Ahead – Week 29, 2019 At the start of Ultrafresh season, we introduced four tradeoffs that retailers need to make when investing in Ultrafresh solutions. The first was space. The second was expertise. Today we will discuss the third and fourth – the level of ...


What is Suning.com… and why should you care?

12 Jul 2019

  By: Howard Lake

Five years ago, Suning.com was best-known as a Chinese electricals chain. Today, it is looking to become a major force in the country’s FMCG sector and recently bought out Carrefour China. How did this happen, and what doors might its heady ambitions open to brand suppliers?


China’s O2O supermarkets remain a work in progress

5 Jul 2019

  By: Howard Lake

It is just over three years since Alibaba launched New Retail with its Hema O2O supermarket concept. Kantar evaluates the channel’s development since and asks what lessons brand suppliers can learn from the format’s evolution and future.

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Staying Ahead of Emerging Trends

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Ultrafresh Studies: Technology, the next frontier

16 Jul 2019

By: Ray Gaul.  13 Slides

How new and innovative technologies will progress the Ultrafresh ethos across retail and dramatically change the demands on suppliers in the future.

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Ultrafresh Studies: DIY Versus Connoisseurship

8 Jul 2019

By: Ray Gaul.  18 Slides

A detailed examination of Ultrafresh merchandising in the UK's leading operators this month, uncovering new trends and how retailers are activating both in-store and in the digital space.

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In 2018, 96% of FMCG growth took place outside hyper and supermarkets, eCommerce grew 20%, discounters have been appearing almost everywhere, and new hybrid retail formats are becoming more common place around the globe. While GDP growth has been stable in recent years, growing on average +3.5% ...

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The Retail Reveal: Exploring the Experience Economy - creating emotional touchpoints

1 Jul 2019

By: Kantar Research Team, Anusha Couttigane.  16 Slides

The Experience Economy offers numerous opportunities for transforming the relationship with the shopper. Turning ordinary interactions into memorable events means brands and retailers boost mental availability with consumers and create emotional touchpoints that keep them front of mind.

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Ingenious innovations and initiatives: May 2019

26 Jun 2019

By: Kantar Research Team, Howard Lake.  13 Slides

May's roundup of breakthrough developments in the retail world brings radical approaches to long-standing pain points, plus new ways to connect with consumers across a variety of digital and physical touchpoints.

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