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To complete our assessment of the merchandising environment at Walmart, we’ll address how the retailer is approaching its “house of brands” to drive excitement and exclusivity at the store.

Walmart has focused investments on its existing Supercenters, aiming to drive a more engaging experience as well as increased efficiency through its bedrock format.

Understanding Shoppers at Retailers

In Depth at Retailers

Shopper attitudes and behavior at key retailers.

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The shopper’s evolving views of value, Walmart, and its competitors

15 Nov 2018

By: Laura Kennedy, Rachel McGuire.  32 Slides

Price leadership remains foundational for Walmart, but its core shopper’s views on value have evolved. With intense competition across the marketplace in mind, Walmart continues to reach for a broader value offer while also holding fast to its traditional price promises.

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Online grocery: Capitalizing on today’s and tomorrow’s opportunities

15 Nov 2018

By: Laura Kennedy, Rachel McGuire.  30 Slides

Online Grocery Pickup, which will be available in more than half of Walmart’s U.S. stores by the end of 2018, is the primary driver behind the retailer’s future eCommerce growth and engagement.

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Annual Retailer Shopper Profiles

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Comparative Retailer Dynamics

Cross-shopping, market trends, and comparative retailer views.

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